Talibe art workshop in Dakar: photos.

Many children are or will be under risk situations and social exclusion in Senegal. The number of unstructured families with very little to raise their children is alarming, and the resources are very limited. That is why thousands of children between 3 and 12 years old, mainly from the villages and other countries like Guinea Bissau, come every year to the hosting centres that some local and international associations and NGO are running. However, most of the children are sent to daaras as talibés, (Islamic religion schools) where the marabout (teacher), far from accomplishing the real educational goal of the traditional and private daaras, forces them to beg on the streets under the threatening of physical abuse and even sexual abuse sometimes, that keep the children in terrible life conditions.The festival of traditional musics and dances from Senegal Diakarlo ak Thiossane, in Dakar, has included this year a journey full of culture activities and workshops with the children, where the djembés, the dance, the painting and theatre has made them been the protagonists for a day. Here’s some photos:

Javier Acebal

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I'm a photographer based in Dakar (West Africa). I love to document cultures and people! (but also working for tourism industry).

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