A posible monologue by a senegalese wrestler.

This book gathers in words and images a possible tour across the hours before the combat of a Senegalese wrestler, through the memories, feelings, rituals, movements and all magic that precedes the clash.

Coming from the south of Senegal and practiced for more than ten centuries, wrestling is a multitudinous sport that has become into an authentic social phenomenon of great transcendence in the country, very top in relevancy and prominence to any other sports. From the most traditional versions -mbappat- to the current practice of the lamb, the fighters have turned into idols of masses and represent one of little dreams of success, money, recognition and future for the young persons of the country. Dressed up with the traditional loincloth or mbap and different amulets or xons, they face in the sand their immense bodies and the magic that their respective wizards, the marabouts, articulate based on conjurations that seek to debilitate the force of the adversary.

The printed version is available at the Blurb website and the digital version in this page.



Pages: 42
Premium paper 148gr/m2, lustre finish
Size: 18×18 cm

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