Senegalese wrestling: the mystical sport.

Wrestling is the national sport in Senegal. Sculptural black bodies fight for a prize that years ago used to be rice, a woman, a piece of land or honor and now has become into thousands of dollars and glory for the best ones. But the most important part of the Senegalese wrestling – the magic – still remains intact from the origins of the sport and therefore the Marabouts keep preparing different good-luck charms, potions and spells to enforce and bless the fighter.

These Photos are the beginning of a project with the aim of showing the life around wrestlers. Here you can find the first photo selection: The ritual before the fight.

Senegalese wrestler

Javier Acebal

About the author: Javier Acebal

I'm a photographer based in Dakar (West Africa). I love to document cultures and people! (but also working for tourism industry).

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