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Tools for working on projects online.

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Tools for working in on-line projectsIf you are working on a project and you and the other project members find yourselves at opposite ends of the world, or if you work from abroad, these tools for working on online projects are essential.

Thanks to the internet the world is communicating more. The ease with which can connect via the web is creating new work possibilities and new work forms and customs: Today it is possible to work on projects where team members are separated by thousands of kilometers.

However, it can be difficult to establish efficient and fluid communication with project co-workers- this may hinder the efficient organisation and development of the project.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is quite a controversial tool as far as working methods go, however personally it has proven handy in certain moments, especially when finding myself in places with a terrible internet connection or where some of the participants were not working in their mother tongue. In addition in certain cases it is more convenient to be able to exchange comments from time to time while one is working rather than sending an e-mail full of little notes.

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Get the visitors screen resolution

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Do you have wallpapers in your download section? Do it easy for your users and let’s them known their screen resolution and which option should they get. You can do it adding a simply javascript code in your page.

The tip: Find out and display a user’s screen resolution with javascript.

The result: Your current screen resolution is
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