Interview: Mario Mattei

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Mario Mattei, visionary, social entrepreneur, independent photographer, & family man. He is the President, Creative Director, & Co-Founder of the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers.

Mario is passionate about peacemaking, justice, Jesus, visual arts, & the written & spoken word. He is drawn to storytelling & it’s power to create meaning, to document, entertain, guide, and to connect humanity. Mario is native to the U.S. but resides in Turkey with his supportive wife, Angela, & three small children.

What kind of photography do you enjoy most and feel most comfortable shooting?

I enjoy photographing all sorts of people, cultural events, everyday life, our common humanity, and subjects who work well in front of a camera. If there is a story unfolding before me, I like to cover it visually, from establishing wide shots, to interaction or gesture shots, portraits, close ups, and iconic images for the moment or story.

I actively seek out stories that bear witness to beauty, peace, and hope amongst known areas of tension, mistrust, or stereotypes.

I do like the challenge of working for NGO clients, understanding their mission and vision and capturing their story with my own creative vision. read more