The importance of the text styles.

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The majority of writers are unaware of the style properties of their word processor and their great importance in word processing. Find out more about styles.

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To writers in general, but especially to those who will go on sending their work to editors and or graphic designers. If you are author of any type of written work (doctoral thesis, articles, books) you should invest a moment of your time to read, understand and practically apply this: it will be very useful to you as well as to those that will contribute to your work. The majority of authors that I know suffer from a quasi-pathological apathy when it comes to word processing programs. According to them it is enough to write using  word and to save what they write without knowing how or at times where. In addition they tend to be in the habit of changing fonts, sizes and colors in such a way that after trying to render the text pretty the result is usually a fragmented and ramshackle file in the style of I don t know what size to use for the title ,  should it be this or that color or  the space before the beginning of the paragraph should it be 4 or 5? until at the end nothing is left that resembles a coherent form.

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