The prop

This is a project group called the Prop. The idea began as a design project in college and inspired a group of friends to dream. Though the ideas have evolved, at the core it has always been about multiplying the impact of ordinary people like us.

There’s more good going on in the world than ever before, but still so much to do. By connecting the efforts, ideas, and passions of people already making a difference we see the potential for increasing their impact exponentially.

They believe everyone wants to change the world, but very few are convinced they can.  The truth is it will take all of us.  Call it a thousand points of light, small things done with great love, or the creative dedicated minority.

The Prop, derived from propagate  a) to multiply or increase in number;  b) to foster growing knowledge of an idea

The Idea:

The Prop is an experiment in generative frienship – instigating collaboration that generates a more beautiful & hope-filled world.

  • Connecting: Collaboration increases our impact exponentially & fosters ongoing change.
  • People: Real change doesn’t start at an abstract level; broad scale change begins with you & me.
  • Doing: Action generates inspiration, seldom the other way around.  We believe it’s never too early to do what you can.
  • Good: Making the world a more beautiful & hope-filled place

What you can do.

  • Join: Got some extra time or a specific skill you could add to our team?  They’d love your help.
  • Converse: Connect on Twitter, facebook, or posterous.
  • Dream: Have an idea to connect people doing good?  Email them and talk about making it happen!

Check the Prop on video!

Javier Acebal

About the author: Javier Acebal

I'm a photographer based in Dakar (West Africa). I love to document cultures and people! (but also working for tourism industry).

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