Photographer based in Dakar.

Then now, just work on my promotion! Mailing, calling, visiting, writing articles… all those task that photographers hate.

It’s been around 10 months since the last time I posted on this site and a lot has happened since that. A year in Spain, felt like way too much time within the same borders, and I started to think about the path I had to follow, tryting to make up my mind. I could just let myself flow with the bad and pesimist crisis atmosphere or stop that apathy and keep fighting for what I love, keep walking.

And I have not only walked, I jumped!

Avoiding all those bad statistics, and all this conversations with friends looking at you like if you were going bananas when talking about investing… I bought a new shining professional photography gear, and I left Spain.

Destination: Senegal (Dakar). Reason why: I just love Africa, and Senegal is a quiet country, very well connected to all the neighbours in West Africa. What does it mean?: I can go anytime to The Gambia, Mauritania, Mali, Guinea…

So now I just have to promote myself (spreading the word: Photographer based in Dakar!!) and work hard. By now you can find below the promotional brochure (without video) that I have sent to my mailing list (you can join my mailing list here).

I promise I will update the website much more often… Now I have plenty of reasons to do it!

Within a few days I will poublish some pictures from Senegales weddings and a new fresh section with a beautiful surprise for the eyes and the senses… huge posters!

Don’t miss it!

Javier Acebal: photographer and graphic designer based in Senegal, west Africa.

Javier Acebal

About the author: Javier Acebal

I'm a photographer based in Dakar (West Africa). I love to document cultures and people! (but also working for tourism industry).

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