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30 photos for a global image to sum up my last 8 years in Africa.

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Sometimes it’s a good idea to stop for a moment, have a look at the last few years and make the exercise of collecting the images and moments that were important for us in any way, and then take a look again at the result!

Have you ever seen a traditional bakery in Africa?

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Could you imagine yourself getting up at 4:30 AM in a small village in Africa, and walking through the nature in the most completely darkness to go to see how the bread is made in a traditional bakery? Don’t worry, I did it for you.

Daily life in Senegal

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This ongoing project aims to collect images of the daily life in Senegal, from a small shop in Dakar to the bread maker or the fisherman in a small village. It’s not something about taking photos in Senegal: it’s about being with the people and showing their life with images.

AECID: 25 years of Spanish cooperation. Photo assignment.

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On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Spanish International Cooperation for development, it has been created a group of 30 panels illustrating the impact of the agency for different sectors of the Senegalese society like health, education, women empowerment or environment, and exhibited in Dakar.

Sightsavers in Senegal

I’ve recently had the oportunity to take pictures of the work that Sightsavers is doing in Senegal. Sightsavers works to combat blindness in developing countries, restoring sight through specialist treatment and eye care. They also support people who are irreversibly blind by providing education, counseling and training.

Spanish cooperation: change and impact

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25 años cooperación - AECID

The photographs on display consist of two images, many of the same scene from two different perspectives (teacher-student, doctor-patient…) or two similar spaces showing the “before and after” change, providing a duality that helps the viewer understand the scene and at the same time, provides action and movement, or put another way, cause and effect that reinforces the idea of change and the impact that has landed the job of Spanish cooperation in Dakar.

Senegalese wrestling: the mystical sport.

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Senegalese wrestler

Wrestling is the national sport in Senegal. Sculptural black bodies fight for a prize that years ago used to be rice, a woman, a piece of land or honor and now has become into thousands of dollars and glory for the best ones. But the most important part of the Senegalese wrestling – the magic – still remains intact from the origins of the sport and therefore the Marabouts keep preparing different good-luck charms, potions and spells to enforce and bless the fighter.

Updating the website

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Since I got back to Dakar I’m spending most of my time and energies on a marketing project for the hospitality industry. However, I try to get some time to keep working and updating the website on the kind of photography I love : the people, their stories and the intensity of their looks.

Senegalese wrestling: the mystical sport.

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On these series of photos I accompanied the wrestler Djily Mbaye during the previous hours and during his combat at the stadium. I firstly photographed the most private ritual at his house (praying, dressing the good-luck charms, speaking spells, using the potions…) and then the ambience and the part of the ritual done at the stadium.

African traditional dance festival. Dakar, Senegal

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Dancing like lions, jumping, playing drums, the cora and other traditional african instruments: check it out some pics from the festival in Dakar 2012.

Talibe art workshop in Dakar: photos.

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The festival of traditional musics and dances from Senegal “Diakarlo ak Thiossane”, in Dakar, has included this year a journey full of culture activities with children in a risk situation, where the djembés, the dance, the painting and theatre has made them been the protagonists for a day. Here’s some photos!

Photographer based in Dakar.

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I have moved again to West Africa, and I arrived with new gear, new goals and more experience than ever! But still the same enthusiasm for working, discover and meeting new people and new histories.
Then now is the moment to work on promotion, write thousand of emails, calling people… all this task that photographers hate!